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St. Patrick's Church Fire Damage Renovation

Bogard is honored to undertake the restoration of the historic Saint Patrick's Church in Watsonville. This project requires special care and particular attention to detail in an effort to revitalize a community landmark that has been affected by an unfortunate fire-related incident.

Scope includes coordination of a comprehensive evaluation of the fire damage during design, as well as review of structural integrity of the church, along with planning for necessary repairs. Meticulous planning has been implemented to preserve the original architectural essence of the building, while ensuring safety and durability.

Project includes restoration of impacted interior and exterior spaces, including walls, floors, ceilings, and decorative elements, with a focus on maintaining the church's historical character, as well as improving accessibility as needed.

Client: Diocese of Monterey
Location: Watsonville
Architect: Franks & Brenkwitz
Status: In Progress
Delivery Method: GC