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UCSC Cogeneration Plant Replacement Project

Bogard Construction was selected to provide client project management services for the proposed Cogen Plant Replacement Project. The $25,000,000 project will provide a new 4,900 SF multi-story building housing a single combustion turbine and associated heat recovery unit for the production of electric power and hot water. Electric power will be produced by the turbine and fed into the existing campus 12,000 volt distribution system. Hot water will be produced by the turbine's heat exchanger and feed into the existing central hot water system. The building will be designed in accordance with LEED Silver rating requirements and will also house hot water distribution pumps, electrical equipment, lube oil cooler, emissions monitoring equipment, selective catalytic reduction equipment, piping control systems and other accessories. Also included in the building is a control room, toilet facilities and a maintenance shop.

Due to space limitations within the building, a natural gas booster compressor skid, a black-start generator and an isolation transformer will be installed adjacent to the building. The project will be constructed with consideration to limit the impact on existing plant operations and reuse as much of the existing systems as possible, while minimizing the overall impact and footprint on the proposed site. The existing cogeneration facility will be kept operational during most of the construction of the replacement plant.

Client: University of California, Santa Cruz
Location: Santa Cruz
Status: Completed
Delivery Method: CM