three generations & sixty years of experiences

Three Generations of Experience

Bogard Construction, Inc. is unique among West Coast construction firms. With nearly seventy years of experience and the dedication of three generations of Bogard family members, Bogard Construction is a company focused on generating superior results. This tradition of excellence began in 1947 when Victor Bogard founded Bogard Construction. Fueled by the strength of a personal commitment unparalleled in the construction industry, it continues today with hands-on, dedicated leadership of his sons and grandsons, supported by a carefully selected staff of project managers, estimators, superintendents and administrative staff.

We interviewed several other construction companies but were immediately taken by the depth and professional nature of Bogard.”
—Redick C. Bryan III, First Presbyterian Church, Salinas, California

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1947

An uncompromising standard of integrity, combined with a strong commitment of excellence in each and every Bogard project, makes our company an unequalled success in the areas of project management, on-site control, budget accountability, scheduling control, and superior construction practices. Bogard specializes in planning and building multi-million dollar projects and has completed thousands of structures, including retail/office centers, manufacturing facilities, medical buildings, assisted living facilities, educational complexes, religious structures, transit centers, and both single- and multi-family residential structures.

Victor F. Bogard, Sr., our founder, firmly believed in rolling up his sleeves and engaging in hard work. He surrounded himself with good people whom he treated fairly, honestly and respectfully. He viewed these qualities as the key ingredients in the creation of both a good life and a thriving business. All members of Bogard Construction, Inc. are committed to continuing the tradition of excellence Victor Bogard began in 1947.

We have always enjoyed the quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness and professionalism that are the foundation of your business model.”
—Al Arrigoni, Vice President of Design and Construction, Longs Drugs
a tradition of excellence since 1947

our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Specializing in multi-million dollar commercial, industrial and institutional structures, Bogard has a well-earned reputation for excellence in project management and on-site control. Our experience in program management, construction management, and construction can be of value to all types of clients needing construction services. We approach each project with a professionalism and personal attention that has established for us a unique place in the industry.

Committed to the philosophy that no single person is responsible for the outcome of a project, we recognize that success is achieved only through a team effort involving the Owner/Developer, the Architect, Consultants and our own personally trained staff. Our broad experience has allowed our firm to be involved in projects all over California and Central Colorado.

This tradition of excellence began in 1947 with the founding of Bogard Construction by Victor Bogard. It continues today under the leadership of his sons and grandsons, representing over a century of combined experience. A staff of personally trained project managers, estimators and superintendents forms the balance of the management team.

A variety of methods and materials have been used in the construction of over 2,000 buildings throughout the state. These projects include retail and commercial centers, manufacturing and industrial complexes, medical, religious and educational buildings, office buildings, transit facilities and multi-residential housing communities.

Code of Ethics

In the conduct of our business we are and will continue to be guided by the following principals and ethics:

  • We will be fair and truthful in our relationships with our clients, co-workers, sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • We will be forthright and honest in all our dealings and relationships.
  • We will be responsive to a changing world, being very sensitive for the need to protect the environment and conform to OSHA requirements.
  • We will conduct our business in a manner which will enable us to take pride in the service we provide.
  • We will act in a manner which will earn the respect and esteem of all whom we serve.
  • We are interested in making a fair margin of profit, but not at the expense of shoddy workmanship.
  • We will expect every employee to report to his supervisor any condition he deems a hazard to the safety of the employee.
  • We regard with imperative the success, stability and growth of our company in keeping these principals.
code of ethics